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Sunday, December 05, 2004



> Canada has been ignored and neglected
> by the USA for the past four years

You realize Canada is not our responsibility, right? I've always respected Canada for being self reliant, not causing any problems, and generally not bothering anyone.... Did I miss something?

forty two

You're right, Canada isn't the USA's responsibility (thankfully), but that isn't what I'm trying to say here. I'm not asking for another country to hold our hand; what I am advocating is respect. You cannot expect foreign relations to be peachy with your neighbour when you're either ignoring them or troubling them with tariffs on some of their main exports.

Sure we may not be causing problems or bothering anyone, but we shouldn't have to be a bother to get a nod from a neighbour. And we certainly shouldn't have to listen to veiled threats from the US Ambassador ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Cellucci ) when we choose to be independent make decisions on our own.

I'm not asking for a gift basket or a pat on the head, I'm simply pointing out that Canada-US relations are at a low right now for a reason.


"I'm simply pointing out that Canada-US relations are at a low right now for a reason."

And likewise from the American point of view. Regardless of the recent election in Canada installing a "right-leaning" government, the public attitude in the US will now take a generation to heal. If ever. Leave us alone, and I'll do my part to see the US leaves you alone.

forty two

I think you misunderstood.

"Canada-US relations" refers to political relations. If you have examples of how the Canadian government has been shafting the USA on international agreements, then by all means share them. But if you're simply stating a personal beef with the fact that some Canadians publicly express their opinions on your country (especially when they're doing something that affects us), then that was the wrong thing to quote.

The lack of respect and utter contempt your country's current administration has shown to nations that make their own policy decisions is the issue here.

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