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Friday, November 14, 2003



Go to the police in person (a precinct) and file a complaint. Then you can be justified in anything you do as a result of protecting your own health.


Like another person said, I too, have visions of going on a murderous rage. It's literally been years since I've had an uniterrupted night of sleep: going to bed when I want to and waking up when I want to. My sleep is always contingent on when my neighbors decide to go to bed and wake up. Why can't I ever have the good fortune of being surrounded by "normal" people who go to sleep around midnight and wake up around 7am? That's normal right?

The man that lives under me looks exactly like Gumby (or Beeker from the Muppets) and every time I see his mushy face, I'm enraged to the point of just wanting to burn it off with a blow torch. I am so sick and tired of his thumping and bumping all day and all night long. He never goes anwywhere. Ever. And it always sounds like he is fighting with himself. Several times I've had to stop myself from running dowsntairs and kicking his door in. I HAVE yelled obscenities through the fireplace and called the cops on him. He'll quiet down for an hour, then it's more of the same. I also think he has surround speakers and watches TV with them constsntly b/c my mantle will often rattle from the thump.

Then there is the couple who lives next door. The wife is HUGE and looks like a cow reared back on two legs. So when she walks it sounds like Jabba the Hut doing jumping jacks. Lord help me if she ever decided to run inside the apartment. I have actively wished for her feet to be decapitated so that she can no longer walk. It's sad what this kind of constant trauma can make you do and say. But that's exactly what it is - TRAUMA. Trauma caused by another human being that can stop it if they choose to do so. It infuriates me that another person has this type of control over my life.

They'll blast their music for a few seconds around 2:00 am every morning. A few seconds, then silence. I know good and well this is deliberately done to wake me up b/c I've banged on the wall several times and this just makes them do it more often.

I've reported them several times but the front office people don't believe me. They've come out and said that to my face. They dont believe me. The husband gets up at 5:48 every morning to walk the dog and slams the door. I want their dog to die too. I know that if I move, I'll just be surrounded by another set of noisy neighbors. It really makes me hate people in general.

My name is your name

I have bad neighbors too. Especially their children. In the 12 houses in my culdesac area, there are 14 children here. Everyday it is play play play and scream scream scream all day. Some of these neighbor-children are particularly annoying. One of them enjoys pounding on my walls form outside and pulling my plants out. The other ones have parties all the time. Parties are for special occasions, not fridays. Friday is not a holiday. Now for their parents. One of them (a babysitter) has 3 girls to take care of. They are the baddest of girls. When they are playing a car comes along and she hollers "CAAAAR!!!". This happens everyday, all day. The others simply are noisy.

I want to just shut all my neighbors up in a violent way, especially the children. And for those of you who say "Just move out", I have been in this neighborhood for a long time, before any children or bad neighbors were here. There. I'm happy now.


Ah, I fucking hate my neighbours too. I live in an apartment, and have lived here for a good 10 years without incident. About a year ago, this fat Spanish lady moves next to me with her maybe 6 or 7 year old son. Immediately the loud Spanish music starts blasting, and you know that beat that almost every spanish song has? Imagine hearing that all day, from 10 am to sometimes as late as 1 am or 2 am. When she's not blasting music, she's either screaming at her son or loudly talking to all these 'guests' she always has over. And these guests of hers are just as bad. They go on her balcony and scream at the top of their lungs in conversation, sometimes to overpower the volume of her music. She throws parties two times a weekend where her party guests wander into the hallway at 2 am and start yelling drunken gibberish.
Also, recently some preteen slut, possibly the Spanish lady's niece, moved in. Now when the Spanish lady isn't blasting music, the preteen is blasting Justin Bieber all day long.

After awhile, my other neighbours who I usually enjoy speaking to, began blasting music as payback to the Spanish hoe. So when you walk into my hallway, it's just a constant stream of noise. The worst part is the bass of practically everyone's stereos is turned all the way up, so I can hear them even if they live down the hallway from me.

I've already spoken to my Super, and my daughter once tried reasoning with the Spanish lady too. She said to her, "Music's up high a bit, isn't it?" when she was taking out garbage and the Spanish lady was in the hallway in between one of her weekend parties.
"It's the weekend," she replied.
"Yeah, well other people fucking live here," my daughter said.
"If you don't like it tell the Super." And we do. We constantly do yet nothing is done about it. We can't afford to move on my current pay (I'm a single mother of two teenagers), but my youngest daughter has anxiety and the constant bombardment of music is beginning to make her have anxiety attacks. So I'm taking a second job, and my eldest daughter is getting one, too.

I've forgotten what peace sounds like.

redneck killah

Well, I hate my idiots next door as well, but you just gotta call the cops when they are disturbing the peace, dont hide in your house.be seen and stand up for yourself,get the other neighbors on your side.cus more than likely they hate them as well.
I live on a road with 4 houses in suburbia, youd think it was heaven,nope one house is idiot rednecks, the guy stays up working on his truck til all hours, since it seems he doesnt have a job, he lives with his dumbass toothless redneck parents and all his buddies, i mean all of them drive the shittiest junkyard 4x4 trucks that are loud and covered in mud and duct taped together, but it seems that hes their friggan hero cus hes the hammer master. I never heard a person with more uses for a f'ing hammer in my life, who fixes anything with a f'ing hammer? the sad part is hes got 2 kids and he just screams at them and cusses constantly and flips out on his girlfriend and screams at her, those poor kids'll be wetting the bed til they are teenagers.
So I call the cops anytime its after 9pm and then I go sit on the front steps and watch and laugh. cus fuck that guy.


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


god i hate my neighbors. i hate seeing them, hearing them, mentioning them. They party every-fucking-weekend outside on their driveway sometimes until the sun rises. I want to confront them about it but I hate confrontations and I am considerably bogged down with work that I just don't want another issue to have to resolve and deal with. It does not help that I'm constantly able to hear them through my window. I don't know anymore, sometimes I believe life would be much better if we could choose our neighbors. I'm living with my parents and am attending a university to which I commute, so as soon as I apply for professional schools and hopefully get accepted I'm going to pack up my stuff and get the hell away from this shithole. I believe I'm more affected by their loud partying because my room and window is facing their house. This in addition to the fact that I am currently studying for my MCAT which is a very big deal to me and not being able to get some peace in quiet in my own fucking room after a 10-12 hour day of studying pisses me the fuck off. It feels SO DAMN good typing this out and getting this off my back and being able to relate to everyone else. I can't wait to fucking leave, goodfuckingriddens. I can't believe how many people are so inconsiderate, unrational, and annoying. But I must say, on the bright side, later in life when I look around to purchase my own place atleast I will know what factors to look for when shopping for a piece of land. Reasonable and friendly neighbors who are not so illiterate as to presume everyone in the world is out to "hustle" them

dsfadfdfsa asdfa

what am I supposed to do with all of the toys my neighbor's kid's friends leave less than a foot from my front door? How am I supposed to respond when she says they're not hers? There are no little children in my house. Am I supposed to not become an irrate sadistic fuck when watching my mother pick up at least 12 cigarette butts from our yard every morning and we don't smoke?

My bitch neighbor says that she can't control what other people do to our yard and it's her fault "they" are doing it. I hate her I want her to just fucking die. She cusses children that are too young to even talk. Heifer fuck from the cunt-o-matic is herself an entire package of assholes.

How am I supposed to not hate that kind of shit?


I live in a ghetto apartment building in Southern California. My neighbors think my family and I are cops because of the head gangsta named Lobo that lives next door. Everyone around here just jumped the fence ! so since he said we are cops their the coldest people that I have met in my life and I have met some pretty cold people in my life. The girl across the way screams 17 out of 24 out of the day. The people next to them neglects their kids totally. Then there is the bastard on the corner who hits on 15 year old cousin who came to help us move. told her that he would "F*CK HER GOOD !". Made threats to my life on numerous occasions. The Manager is not very intelligent and slow about everything.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I have a neighbor who is a f'n drunk...yells, stomps, thumps, and slams stuff on his floor (my ceiling) at all hours of the day and night. I dont think the moron ever sleeps. Dude walks so hard he shakes my entire apartment. If anyone says anything to him bout quieting down, he wants to beat them up...(GUESS HE THINKS HE THE BIGGEST, BADDEST MAN EVER.) LOL i often find myself day dreaming bout murdering the moron. I understand in an apartment theres going to be some noise, but this is major bs.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Erik Soberg

The worst neighbors in the world are the ones that live on my block, I live in Holtsville, NY. The neighborhhod is pretty nice except for my neighbor on the one side. They are spiteful and mean. I called the cops one night because I saw a strange care, in front of my house, people we running up to our front door. I didn't know that it was my neighbor's daughter's boyfriend who is living with the family and his friends. I didn't even knew who these two people were. They decided that night after the cops had left and resolved everything. They park there car very close to my curb all day to spite us. Now, I know the street is nobodies property, but I think they were a little immature. They have cursed out me a lot, called my rude and inappropriate names.
They are trying to pick a fight with me. I just ignore them and record what they are saying to me if, I get threatened. I will call the police and let the police deal with them.


I have more than a couple bad neighbors I would say about four houses of just pure trash that live around my parents house. I used to kind of like my neighborhood when I was younger,but as the years went by and the old neighbors moved away, trash came in to replace them. First off all of these four houses seem to think that from Friday to Sunday is a fucking holiday and they can party all day and night long. My next door neighbor has daughters who are all basically like whores who can't seem to stop breeding,cause they each have bastardized children who they let run around and scream whenever they want. I keep hoping they'll run into the road and be crushed. Then their houses looks like the worst piece of shit ever, the porch is sinking in there are cars all over the front of the house and the house looks like a patchwork quilt with mismatched siding and a crappy front door. And to top it all off all of these neighbors are, you guess it, Mexican now before anyone gets mad and says that I'm racist. Well guess what I'm Mexican as well, but my family is quiet, respectful and we never bother anyone else. My neighbors are the type of filthy Mexican scumbag trash that make everyone else think that all Mexicans are like them. So basically my neighbors and people like them are to blame for the stereotypes.

Christian Traughber

Everyone has their own share of bad neighbors. It's bad enough on a neighborhood, its even worse in an apartment building. Luckily, most of my neighbors are good ones (except the one who plays heavy metal music). That's not supposed to be a problem since I'm a metalhead, too, but he plays it at 4:00AM in the morning. Good thing he moved out a few weeks ago.


Like everyone else dealing with bullshit neighbors I have to vent about mine. It's bad enough I have to tolerate my piano playing upstairs neighbors and listen to the guy up there snore all damn night and well into the morning. It's not like he gets up and goes to work early, goes to bed late and gets up late. I called to complain twice about the piano playing and since then it has decreased in frequency and I know it's mainly just the kid practicing for an hour or so...I can pursue it and cause more problems for them, but I've decided to tolerate it because it could be much worse, otherwise they're ok. I wouldn't want them moving out and then someone even worse comes in. But next door neighbors are the reason why I can tolerate a little piano playing every so often. You see because they have taken to throwing major celebrations every Saturday night for 3 weeks in a row. And before these last three weeks, I didn't hear a peep from them until probably a month and a half ago when they had a party and blasted music from exactly 6:30pm to 1am and drove me almost bat shit crazy. We share the wall that runs the entire length of the apartment so I can't escape it. That constant thumping rhythmic bass for hours and hours at a volume level that makes you want to bash your head against the wall to knock yourself out so you don't have to listen to it anymore. It's like the same few dance beats over and over and over again. Seriously, they feel like this is their building and they can turn it into a night club whenever. That's reasonable don't you thing? The first time it happened I didn't say anything because I figured it was some really special occasion and that it wouldn't happen again anytime soon. Wrong. Fast forward a few weeks and now we're at the 3rd Saturday night in a row of that bullshit. Last weekend I called maintenance over to tell them to tone it down, it was quieter for a big 5 minutes then right back to it. A few hours later I called the security guard that wanders around the complex for a little while and told him to go over there get them to tone it down yet again, I guess he did because I noticed a slight decrease in the volume, but we share a damn wall and the stereo system is obviously right up on it. I shouldn't be able to feel my walls vibrating so you can have fun..sorry. It stopped at around 11:30, I suppose I should have been grateful that I was allowed to go to bed so early. Well this past Saturday night was like last week never even happened, just like no one went over to their place to alert them to the fact that they were seriously disturbing at least one of their neighbors, I believe that they're all friends so I'm probably the only one with the problem. So they were right back at it this weekend. Blasting that shit music from around 7:30 until 2am...2am. They so graciously turned down the volume a tad at around midnight, but again, shared wall, still in my face. What is wrong with these people?? It's not like they're young crazy college kids, they're a young family with kids. I feel like the outsider here, I'm a young single white female, and there is only one other that I know of, everyone else is not a young single white female. I'm a grad student and I'm up shit's creek if I wait until Saturday night to do any work because I'll be too outraged and incensed to do anything. Last time I vowed that the next time I wouldn't bother calling anyone over since it did almost no good last time anyway, that I'm just going to march over to the leasing office and demand we get this under control. The saving grace is that the office is quite good about this sort of thing. God knows they should be, I pay enough to live here and actually be entitled to "quite enjoyment." They're behavior last week 100% proved that's it's not just an awareness issue, they were made aware twice and they literally couldn't care less about how their actions impact those around them. I'm not going over there, who the hell knows what kind of activities they're involved in, I was a little concerned that they'd retaliate last week by throwing a brick through my window or something. This is supposed to be one of the nicest towns in the state to live in, and it is nice and the complex is well maintained, but I swear I don't know how some of these people pay their rent or even how they managed to pass a credit check. Well the leasing office is now open, I'm so telling on them.

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