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Friday, November 14, 2003



Isn't mail tampering a federal offense?


Sounds like it is time to call the postal inspector.

I must say that I have seen this experience first hand. I stepped outside his apartment to smoke a cigarette, and litarally had to step over 4 of his neighbors, these same people that he is speaking of. I was at the building for about 4-5 hours and I cannot think of a 5 minutes span of quiet that wasn't interrupted by one of them screaming at the other, either in the hallway, or just outside the front door.


And I thought my neighbors were bad.


how old is she-demon?? (p.s. thanks for the ping)


The little hellion is somewhere around 6 or 7... and easily that many times as loud and annoying as the average child her age.


Yes, mail tampering is a Federal Offense.

I have at least been in the vacinity, yet not yet experienced this collage of events. I can though, since having stayed there, understand alot of the commotion. When I was there, around 5 of them decided his front porch was the local hangout. That and very persistant yelling and taunting between themselves and the other street rats.


WOW i hate my neighbors too we have had an ongoing war for almost a year now. they have left dead animals on my car and on my porch so im going to feed thier dog for them next time they are gone HEHEHE!

Jamie George

If you think that is bad you should meet my neighbors the old guy Bill will come outside because your out there He's really creepy he used to just stare at you but now he makes rude gestures and comments and then his 30 yr old son whome just started working nights gets bent if my dogs barkwhen they go out during the day.... well brilliant there barking at YOUR dog in the back yard carring on then the people next to me think they are gods and that there shit don't stink GUESS WHAT
IT DOES!!!!!!! Bill made the comment to my husband that he'd do whatever he needed to to get rid of us or our dogs sorry but I have a 30 yr morgage and of I have to get rid of my dogs the next bunch i get will be bigger and LOUDER!!!!

Karla Pain

I'm having a similar problem. I live in a house that has been split off into three apartments. I live in the back part of the house. Well, the guy in the front apartment thinks that the mailbox is exclusively his. At first he would move my mail to the next mailbox, which belongs to the house out back. (Apparently, he thinks that's where I live, although he's seen me leave the back of the house.) It's been a whole month and I found it odd that I haven't been receiving any mail at all. I suspect that he's been "return to sender"ing all of my correspondence but I haven't confronted him about it. I live alone. I've thought about talking to the landlord about it but I don't have any proof.


My neighbors are total jerks. I live in a rural area and have 2&1/2 acres. This should be peaceful idylic living right? Wrong. The neighbors across the road have a huge, mean dog that they allow to run all over the place. This dog has come after me twice when I got out of my car to get my mail, and once after me and my 2 dogs when we were out walking on MY property, who are ALWAYS on a leash by the way. I have very small dogs and I am terrified that this dog is going to kill them. I have called the police, who referred me to the dog warden. The dog warden was supposed to come out and give them a warning, but if he did, they are totally ignoring it. Then there are the rednecks to the left of us. When we first moved here, they were throwing a party and having their friends park on our lawn, all without ever asking, of course. Now these idiots have the same amount of land that we do, so it's not like their buddies had no where else to park. My husband went over there with a baseball bat and told them to get the F**k off of our property. We have since planted trees along there, so they haven't done it since. Although they still continue to have parties and their drunken friends go out in the back yard to urinate, for all the world to see. It just goes to show that there are assholes every where, no matter where you live.


Well at least most people have an idea of who is trying to steal their mail, most of the time kids. but i live in a place where the apartments are split up and the one building in front of the mailbox's is overfull of tweakers. real nice. everyone knows that the worst place to put a tweaker is in front of mailboxs! anyways myself as well as other neighbors have'nt been getting our mail for like 2 weeks and not only that but all our packages have been taken too. i turned it in cause i have online proof of reciepts but i will never get my 50 bucks back. Im also 7 months pregnant but i dont think that its going to stop me from beating the shit outta someone in that building!


I have had an ongoing battle with my neighbors this past year. I am so fed up! I am a quiet and to myself type of person. They are totally opposite. They use my stuff, break my stuff, vandalise my stuff. We have a shared utility room to our duplex. They have sabotaged my mower 2 summers in a row, it is now in a locked box. They have thrown bleach all over my clothes. They spit in my dog food and laundry soap. They have unplugged my freezer x2 loosing a whole freezer of food each time. They water their grass 24 7 leaving no water pressure, and get pissed when I turn it off for 25 minutes for a shower. My stupid landlady doesn't care, as she is getting her rent. The cops don't care. I have tried getting them back, boy does that just backfire. I am looking to move, but God that is so expensive and so hard to find in my daughters school area. Nice to be able to vent...and to know I am not alone. Sorry I guess misery loves company. Good luck to you all!


I have 9 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment that is not soundproofed living directly above me. They are child beaters and major scrappers and the authorities won't do anything about them. It seems like every time I call the landloard or the police they grow in number! I am so depressed and pissed off because of the constant screaming and thumping that I am seriously having visions of going on a murderous rampage - except that then I would be no better than they are.


Hufff... all your comments make me think how terrible and disrespectful human beings can be. My neighbour hits the music and screamings at 11am and not stop until someone tells him off (around 3am at times). By that time he is so off his head he does not even recognise us or the police and becomes very violent. Everyone on this building block do not complain to him as they are all afraid and so I do it myself. Funny the police can not do anything and stats decs keep piling up with no result whatsoever. The thing is we want to move but who assures me this is not going to happen again? What's the point in paying expensive rent and keeping the flat in good condition if nobody can help me? Are we all renters so unprotected? This is really depressing. Wish people could be more considerate as we are to the landlords.


ugh! I have terrible down stairs neighbors! My neighbors think they are the most incredible musicians in the whole world when in reality, They happen to be the worst! "Quiet hours" for my apartment building are from 10PM-10AM so people can ENJOY LIFE.Oh, and they think it's so cute to play as soon as quiet hours start! They play guitar so loudly you can hear it as you drive past the apartment! I want them to be dead! I have called the police on them, had our office send them a notice, AND my aunt has kindly asked them to quiet down which they promptly shut down. These people also have the audacity to smoke weed in their bathroom (right below ours) and keep it up for about an hour and a half. I hate them so much, but they've had all the warnings they are allowed...next step in eviction!

courtney bunch

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well i feel alot better knowing that there are evil neighbours out there. i have lived in my property for 4 years and have had an ongoing battle. my weirdo next door neighbours watch you like a hawk if im comming out to get the mail i can be sure when i turn around there are about 4 of them staring at me wondering why im outside my house making a small amount of noise the first complaint from my crazy neightbour was that my dog barked 20 times and when he saw a bird he barked well you can imagine what my husband had to say about that. then it was my husband is too loud in the morining aka he turned his car on and that he should push the car down the street and then start it. i could keep on going and going but the finall straw was when my father came over to pick me up and he beeped the horn well it was on i had the old weirdo man yellin at me his fat horse mouth daughter yelling at me then this ugly thing come at me i thought i was in a horror movie but it was the brother trying to threatn me well needless to say i called the police if i have any advise for you poor people out there with werid crazy neighbours is call the police and keep calling untill these people get the message because they just think they can rule your life we only get one chance make it a good one!!

Stuck for the moment

We live in a house split into three apartments. We are sandwiched between the older folks downstairs with yappy small dogs that constantly bark. Upstairs we have who we affectionately call "Tuberculosis Tessy" as she is always coughing violently and is forever sick with something. They have five cats of which she feels she needs to baby talk to on her way up the stairs loudly. This makes our normally quiet dogs ready to tear thru the door. Quite honestly I'd like to throw a roll of toilet paper at her head.
They are VERY loud at all hours of the night--I wonder if they are rearranging furniture up there OR fighting and dragging each other around. They have five cats and their apartment smells of cat urine the minute they open the door (and sometimes when they dont--yuck). Her boyfriend "Dougie Fresh" will put cigarettes out on the landing. They leave a trail of "debris" up the stair case and are just all in all not polite. They make me ill.
Thanks for letting me vent :)


well i have the absolute neighbors from hell. to start with i live in a building with 4 apts. two upstairs and two downstairs. i live upstairs and u think thats where all the noise would come from. but its coming from downstairs. i was here before all of them and its was quiet but not anymore. it started with door slamming. they will go out their apt. at least 30 times a day. and they slam it each time. i really think they want to be heard so they wait till they get in the hall to say anything including the kids. i complained to the manager and it got worst. so they started slamming the doors inside the apt. they once they got comfortable they posted their kitchen chairs right at the door way which leads to all the apts. the girls boyfriend who lives with her who is not on the lease sits there and watches me til i get upstairs. by the way its 1 in the morning and i just heard the door slam. they play loud music and say indirect remarks when i pass by. oh yeah did i mention they look like boogymen with just a drop of hair and they are fat. my daughter lives with me and we look like we should be on the prince of bellaire, so they hate the way we look also. someone stole my 09 sticker off my car. there is trash all around the building. i almost got hit in the face from one of their brat kids when i stepped out the building one day. i can turn my tv up as loud as it can go and still i cant hear it for their music. they dont have much furniture so what ever they are doing down there they are doing up against the walls. it sounds like bombs dropping in iraq all day and night. one day they was staring at me so hard i almost fell. i now suffer with anxiety and mild depression. my lease is up in january and i will start packing as soon as i take my christmas tree down. i hate these people with everything i got. when that dog of a woman gets mad she gets in the all and curse about me. i carry a knife in my pocket when i leave my house cause if she bothers me i will protect myself. she have other women that visit her and they are ghetto too. they think i guess cause im short and not fat like them that i should be scared but im not. ill be ready if that day comes. believe me i have gone thru this for a year. it has affected my life. i have to stay in my bedroom all the time cause thats where the least noise is. i hate that i have too see or hear them. they are so ugly that i wish they would stay in the house. their blinds are torn and so i can see in the apt at night when i walk by and what a site. i can also see them run to the window when i drive up staring at me. so i sit in my car till they get tired of looking for me. i have to sleep with my tv up loud at night when i turn my lights out to sleep cause thats when they slam their closet door over and over. so when i left my lights on they thought i was still up so they didnt do it. ive watched this routine for many months so now i know its done on purpose. i wish they would have karma hit them so hard. even there monkey kids yelled out the window oneday and said i see you. i hate all of them and god forgive me i wish they didnt have a place on this earth for living. i have 8 more months of pure hell and i hope that B-manger gets a dose of her karma too.


i've experienced 7 nasty neighbors in my lifetime--3 in my current residence. the first one is a fat, old, balding woman who gave me a nasty look the moment we moved in and her 30 yr old son who lives with her made a comment about not liking children when i said hi to him. one day my kids are playing, husband watching them supposedly. my neighbor planted tomatoes in a pot, but put it in our yard boundary, without asking. my kids picked some tomatoes and she got very upset so my husband apologized. my mom suggested i move the plant to her yard, i did and she comes out and screams at me about how the previous neighbors didn't mind it in their yard and i should watch my kids more since they took all her tomatoes. then she goes in her house and slams the door. i ring her doorbell, defend myself and she screams down my throat again so i say let's drop it and have peace. she closes her door. she won't look at me now. i said hi and she looked me up and down and gave me a nasty look. her husband is nice and even her son.

the 2nd one is fat. i invited her to a body shop party i hosted, at my house. she crashes the party and makes condescending comments about me and when i compliment her shorts snubs 'i got them from the fat girls store, you can't buy them'. to this day she looks down her nose at me, and acts as if i was the one who wronged her, when really it was her who wronged me.

the 3rd one is the worst neighbor ever, hands down. just moved here from CA, smoker, on welfare/social security, husband can't find work. she has 2 kids my kids' age and 6 mo. old twin babies and is pregnant i hear. when i first saw her in front of her house she looked stressed and volatile emotionally and was looking up and down the street like she was looking for someone to be friends with. 100's of red flags went up. she flagged me down when i was waiting for the bus to pick up my kindergartner, outside my house. she swaggers up and passive aggressively but very pushily blabs about her kids' need for friends and her need for help with that since she's burdened with twin babies. she never asks for my help just acts as if i OWE it to her. makes weird comments about me, my home, decor, and about how her daughter likes to do 'those art projects'...implying she should do them at my house with our supplies. i'm introverted and didn't say much. i'm shocked inside as this isn't normal mom behavior in my state or neighborhood AT ALL. but then her kids get sent over, day after day. i send them home, they come back. they make messes everywhere, i tell them to clean up, they look at me like i'm mean. the kids take my kids' toys, dress up in my daughters clothes. i tell them to stop, send them home, they keep doing it. i don't want to talk to their mom cuz i hate confrontations. they go back to CA, desert their house without telling anyone or the school where they've gone. then they come back a month later. i put my foot down hard. i talk to their mom. i politely tell her my house rules, i'm not responsible for her kids, they can't come over every day. so her kids stop stealing and dressing up in my kids' stuff, stop the messes, and she starts having my kids over more and feeding them. things balance out much better. but her personality is still very push/impolite, crossing boundaries she shouldn't. so when she suggests (not asks) pushily that i accompany her to the Y where i work, so she can sign up for a membership i tell her as long as she's not being mean or pushy about it. she gets real huffy, raises her voice and YELLS at me and starts accusing me of stuff so i explain how i feel and how her behavior is wrong in my book and she's tremendously offended and ends the conversation. i end it with 'don't be mad', i'm just expressing my feelings, defending myself. take care'. also, she said when she moved here the moms at the school snubbed her so that's why she's so aggressive and pushy. i pointed out it would be harder to make friends by taking that kind of a reaction the the smug moms.

then she won't let her kids come over here again so just my kids play at her house and then she gets tired and lets them come over.

so i bought strawberry pints for all 3 families, in an attempt to establish peace between them and I.

the worst thing is is my husband is 6'4 and large and tends to side with family/friends/strangers/neighbors AGAINST me. he doesn't like me cuz i can't lay him right. i try and try and can't have the big climax. he is very moody and rude to me at home, in a very subtle, passive-aggressive way. in public he acts like a perfect angel but he treats me like i'm lower than him and like everyone is JUSTIFIED in treating me badly. the truth is i am the sweetest person in the world, very honest, kind, genunine. lately i've been practicing being more outgoing and it's really helped my social confidence and enjoyment of life.

i so want to divorce but can't until my son's in 1st grade (2 more years) cuz i'm a stay at home mom and can't make enough $ on my own until then. day care is too expensive.

life has been so hard for me, people can be so cruel. my own family back home too.

the ironic thing is i'm a beautiful person, very true, very loyal, love myself and try to love others. i don't even have many friends. hopefully this outgoingness will help me more. but gosh i just wish someone would love and accept the sweet, introverted me too, just the way i am. i do.

i am acquainted and/or friends with several other neighbors in the neighborhood and have NO problems with them.

why do i attract these leaches?


thats nothing compared to my fucking neighbors they are the most annoying fucks on this planet.


i hate my neighbors too they are shutting us emotionally and i don't know what i've done wrong and they are loud too

E Watson

The house accross the street is so bad. There are about 17 young nerdy "men" that ride little bikes around on handmade jumps of dirt. Which looks so lovely! The are like 25 years old and they scream "F*** you" to people who walk or bike by and threaten us neighbors and play loud music an ddid I mention that scream alot? They suck. I've owned my house for 22 years and my value is so screwed by these losers living across the street.


i hate neighbours!


I know exactly how you all feel. For some strange reason I have had my fair share of hellish neighbours. At the moment we live in a 2 story house. my partner and I live upstairs, and another couple live below us. They aren't as bad as previous neighbours I've endured, but they are soo annoying. They obviously have serious issues with patience. They obviously dont realise just how much shit some people have to put up with. My partner and I are very quiet. We never have parties or make excessive noise. Once or twice we have had around 8 people over for drinks on a weekend night and we stayed up drinking and chatting until around 4am. No shouting though. No loud music. No banging.
Often, the couple will bang on the ceiling in their bedroom (our loungeroom floor) to tell us to shut up. They do this if we have the tv on. We dont have it on loud at all! This is around 10pm- as my partner and I work late and I get home around 9pm and he gets home around 11. THEY wake us up every morning at 6am, banging around their apartment, slamming doors, and they slam their front door shut which vibrates our walls. But we never once complained about that. I had a severe bad back the other week, and got home from work and had to crush some ice to put in a bag to ease the pain in my back. THey banged so hard on our floor- and shouted "SHUT UP".
Our garage is on the ground floor- but they do not have access to it as we're the only ones with keys as its just for our use and not theirs. The garage wall that you drive up close to, has their lounge on the other side. Last night my partner and I had the night off and went to a bbq. we came home and as we drove in we had the music up a bit, and the base was up too- nothing extreme though- as we are quite quiet people in general. We were unloading the car (we'd bought some large pots and bags of potting mix for some plants) and I came back downstairs to get another bag, and the guy was standing their and shouted at me saying its too loud. this is at around 7pm. GET OVER YOURSELF. WE ALL PAY RENT HERE, AND ITS NOT LIKE THE MUSIC WAS LOUD- WE WERE JUST UNLOADING THE CAR FOR FIVE MINUTES.
they constantly complain and tell the landlord that we have parties every weekend that are really loud. (we never do, as we both work 7 days a week, and we both have 2 jobs)
Its gotten to the point where we feel like we cant do anything in our own place, we have to tiptoe around the place just so they dont complain.
My partner feels very passionate about this subject- and it puts him in a terrible mood- and sometimes affects our relationship having the pressure of our stupid neighbours there 24/7.
We want them to move out and a younger couple move in, but they just wont leave its been one year! Its at the stage where we actually thought HOW CAN WE GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE.

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